The International Journal of Technology and Management Research (IJTMR) is a multidisciplinary and scholarly refereed journal that provides an authoritative source of information for scholars, academics and professionals in such fields as: engineering, technology and innovation, business and management, applied science and social and political sciences. 

The multidisciplinary nature of this journal is to help address issues of theory, research and practice from a variety of disciplines. Manuscripts offering heoretical, conceptual and practical contributions in the fields mentioned above are invited for publication. And as a means to encourage innovation in research, only original articles are accepted and published in the IJTMR. 

A lot of work has gone into the production of this issue (Vol.1, No.5). This issue featured a total of six quality and insightful articles which are within the philosophy of the journal to map out new frontiers in emerging and developing science, technology and business areas in research, industry and governance.
It is hoped that the publications will be used to facilitate greater understanding of organizational and managerial processes as well as address critical firm-level challenges facing developing and emerging areas of applied science, technology and management.

To promote our course, research findings, which test, advance and develop models, frameworks and concepts in the identified areas will continuously be published in this journal to promote industry and public sector growth. As publishers in the academic fraternity, we would like to express our profound gratitude to our authors, reviewers, editorial board and all stakeholders (especially Koforidua Polytechnic) for contributing in diverse ways to make this issue a success. We look forward to receiving your insightful thoughts and comments to enhance our future publications.

I wish to extend my heartwarming appreciation to all the authors whose manuscripts have been published, and those yet to be considered in our subsequent editions for their trust, patience and support.

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OWUSU, E. (2020). EDITORIAL. International Journal of Technology and Management Research, 1(5). https://doi.org/10.47127/ijtmr.v1i5.37