About the Journal

The International Journal of Technology and Management Research code-named Nyansabepo is a multidisciplinary journal. Its content cuts across subject disciplines such as:

  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Automotive, Architecture, etc.)
  • Technology and Innovation (ICT, etc.)
  • Applied Science (Applied Mathematics, Hospitality, etc.)
  • Business and Management (Marketing, Accounting and Finance, HRM, Banking and Finance, etc.)
  • Social and Political Sciences (Economics, Social Studies, Political Science, etc.)

The multidisciplinary nature of this journal helps address issues of theory, research and practice from a variety of engineering, technological, managerial and other organizational disciplines. Manuscripts offering theoretical, conceptual and practical contributions in the fields mentioned above are therefore encouraged. The journal undertakes a double-blind peer review process. The review process is anonymous and sent to two different reviewers. The reviewers and the authors will never know each other as per our journal ethics.