Instructions to Reviewer

Every manuscript would be judged by Reviewers based on the following instructions:

  • Format of the Article: There should be an indication of major differences regarding the Standard Manuscript Format.
  • Technical Presentation: The Research articles being presented as stories should rather be presented in a technical manner. When past works are repeated, they should not be accepted. Conceptual advancement over works which have been previously published should be looked out for and major omissions made in Findings that are previously published on similar problems should be checked.
  • Interpretation of Result: Results should be thoroughly discussed. On the other hand, irrelevant and unattainable statements should not be included in the results.
  • Statistical Presentation: Statistics should be properly applied to necessary data.
  • Consistency: There should always be consistency in any comments written to the Author. Positive comments should not be written while the evaluation form provided to the Editor depicts negative comments or vice-versa.
  • Confidentiality of Manuscripts: Manuscripts should not be distributed under no circumstance without contacting the Editor first.
  • Plagiarism of Data: Authors must be notified of any form of suspicion, duplication or manipulation regarding data.
  • Summary: Strength and weakness of the article should be stated clearly. The potential importance of the work, both present and future contexts should also be considered.
  • Conclusion: Necessary corrections needed for a paper to be accepted can be recommended by the reviewer if only they are required, otherwise the paper should be recommended for Publication. However, if the paper is found unsuitable then, it should not be accepted for Publication.