Resource Sharing among Polytechnic Libraries in Ghana

  • Faustina Kyerewaa Barfi Accra Polytechnic Library, P. O. Box GP 561, Accra


The paper presents a synthesis on resource sharing among polytechnic libraries in Ghana. It explores how resource sharing would provide opportunities for the consolidation of strengths and minimize weakness among the polytechnic libraries. The main objective of resource sharing is to maximise the availability of materials and services and to minimize expenses and duplication. The paper further exposed some of the factors which make resource sharing imperative among the polytechnic libraries. These concerns include the proliferation of knowledge on the World Wide Web, issues of distance education, open access and instruction service. It also highlighted some of the resources that could be shared among the polytechnic libraries which include personnel, electronic service, tools, professional activities, policies, etc. Finally techniques that would foster resource sharing activities among the polytechnic libraries were discussed and these include communication, increase in the use of information communication technology, resource mobilisation and capacity building on the part of librarians.

Keywords: Co-operation; Information sharing; Consortia formation; Academic libraries networking.

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Kyerewaa Barfi, F. (2020). Resource Sharing among Polytechnic Libraries in Ghana. International Journal of Technology and Management Research, 1(1), 33-36.