Harnessing Knowledge for Institutional Advancement in Tertiary Educational Institutions

  • Ahmed M. Musa


The impact of globalization on tertiary educational institutions (TEIs) in Ghana demands that they (TEIs) harness and leverage knowledge from the global knowledge basket to remain competitive. This paper examines the concept of knowledge management (KM) and how it is being managed in Ghana's TEIs for institutional advancement. The key challenges identified include the corporatisation of academic faculties, weak structures for KM, the intrusion of 'managerialism' as a style of leadership, absence of strong teamwork in knowledge creation and dissemination, and the erosion of the spirit of collegiality in academic staff relations. Suggestions made for the enhancement of knowledge management processes in TEIs include making adequate budgetary allocations for KM and integrating KM centres in established structures of TEIs. The paper concludes that knowledge is an indispensable asset for institutional advancement in higher education and therefore, TEIs should invest in the area to remain competitive globally.

Keywords: Knowledge management; Intellectual capital; Managerialism; Institutional governance

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M. Musa, A. (2020). Harnessing Knowledge for Institutional Advancement in Tertiary Educational Institutions. International Journal of Technology and Management Research, 1(1), 81-87. https://doi.org/10.47127/ijtmr.v1i1.14