The International Journal of Technology and Management Research code-named Nyansabepo is a multidisciplinary journal. Its content cuts across subject disciplines such as:

  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Automotive, Architecture, etc.)
  • Technology and Innovation (ICT, etc.)
  • Applied Science (Applied Mathematics, Hospitality, etc.)
  • Business and Management (Marketing, Accounting and Finance, HRM, Banking and Finance, etc.)
  • Social and Political Sciences (Economics, Social Studies, Political Science, etc.)

The multidisciplinary nature of this journal helps address issues of theory, research and practice from a variety of engineering, technological, managerial and other organizational disciplines. Manuscripts offering theoretical, conceptual and practical contributions in the fields mentioned above are therefore encouraged.

Since the journal accepts conceptual and practical contributions in the fields mentioned, access to the journal content is important. The journal practices open access in which authors retain the rights to the manuscripts published with the journal. Once an author registers during the submission of the manuscript, the author and other readers can download and use the manuscript free. All manuscripts can be download by registering on the website. The registrations allows us to track users of our website and it is not meant for anything and at the same time, we are able to send users information on new content. All authors retain ownership of their copyright to the manuscript published with the journal. The journal is thus, open access and serves the needs of the academic community world over.